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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Success of a Library: McAllen Public Library

I came across this article 'Where Wal-Mart Failed, a Library succeeds' about how a community made use of the available space and converted a vacant Wal-Mart's vast empty building into the McAllen Public Library, the largest single story library in USA in the Library-Soup blog. The new library space @ McAllen also won the 2012 Library Interior Design competition of the International Interior Design Association. The article first appeared in LA Times blog which made me think, can the same thing happen here in Mysore/ India. On the contrary here in Mysore the city authorities are thinking of converting the precious lung space around People's park, Nazarbad for constructing a Public Library. Hope the authorities think on the lines of McAllen and save the precious lung space of the Heritage city of Mysore.
Read more about 'Where Wal-Mart failed, a Library succeeds' here:

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