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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World eBook Fair

Book Lovers, here is one chance which you would not like to miss, Project Gutenberg and the World eBook Library on the 35th anniversary of the eBook is making 300,000 e-books available from July 4 to August 4 for free download. The site mentions that “..eBooks from nearly every classic author on the varieties of subjects previously only available through the largest library collections in the world. Now these books are yours for the taking, free of charge, to keep for the rest of your lives.” You can also participate by uploading your own eBooks. World eBook Fair also mentions that in the future 1/2 Million eBooks by 2007, 3/4 Million eBooks by 2008 and One Million eBooks by 2009 will be featured on the site.
World eBook Fair is also featured on Mousetrap a weekly column published in Times of India, Mumbai edition.


Curious said...

wow!I am a voracious reade...glad to see someone who is able to take up their passion and persue it as their career..not many are able to do it! wonderful blog there!

Curious said...
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